BNP Paribas and Shin & Kim successfully host the ‘ESG Investment ∙ Financing Seminar’

April 7, 2021

BNP Paribas announces today that the ‘ESG Investment ∙ Financing Seminar’ jointly hosted with Shin & Kim on 6 April was completed successfully.

Recently, companies have been equipping themselves for sustainable growth through strengthening of their ESG management practices, while investors are seeking sustainable companies by actively considering ESG indicators. As a leader in ESG financing, BNP Paribas, together with Shin & Kim, invited ESG experts representing investors, financial institutions, regulators, and companies, to share their insights through a roundtable discussion on ESG.

The seminar started with an opening speech by Young Key Hwang, Senior Advisor of Shin & Kim and former Chairman of the Korea Financial Investment Association. A roundtable discussion followed with Yong Kwan Kwon, Head of Debt Capital Markets of BNP Paribas Securities Korea, Soo Young Song, Partner of Shin & Kim, Jin Suk Choi, and Fund Manager of KIC and Ji Sun Lee, ESG Group Leader of POSCO. The speakers discussed recent trends such as △ “ESG management” △ “ESG investment” △ “ESG financing” from the perspective of different stakeholders.

‘ESG Investment ∙ Financing Seminar’ was broadcasted live and more than 500 guests from various companies attended, proving the high interest in topics around ESG.

Yong Kwan Kwon, Head of Debt Capital Markets of BNP Paribas Securities Korea said:  “With growing interests of ESG in in Korea, more companies are issuing ESG bonds.” And added “ESG has emerged as an essential factor for companies as financial institutions like BNP Paribas reflect ESG standards when reviewing financing for clients. As a leading global financial group, BNP Paribas will continue to support our clients to integrate ESG management.”

Soo Young Song, Partner of Shin & Kim said: “We provide legal advice on renewable energy projects and companies to perform M&A, corporate division considering ESG factors.” In addition, “ESG due diligence on behalf of investors, and tasks to improve ESG ratings while examining the overall ESG strategy of large companies are increasing. We expect that when the supplier due diligence becomes legal requirements in Europe, large law firms like us will also perform due diligence for domestic companies who export on behalf of the European companies.”