Direct Responsibilities

– Annual Review for a local booking committee

– Follow up annual review schedule in order to minimize overdue files

– Maintenance of existing files in cooperation with middle/back office

– Maintenance of existing portfolios in terms of envelope calculation, analysis on the revenue evolution and update on EF bi-weekly report.

– Ensure compliance with Bank’s policies/procedures and regulatory requirements, in particular with regard to the KYC responsibilities and duties, as per relevant policies/procedure.

Contributing Responsibilities

– Support senior team members in marketing deal origination, structuring and mandate execution for outbound and inbound Export Finance while managing risk (regulatory, credit, operations, etc.).

– Preparation of presentation material including pitchbook.

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

– Good communication skill (both Korean and English)

– College Degree

– Science, Engineering or Economics/Business Degree preferred.

• Collect and update relevant client and sector information prior to annual reviews
• Support of draft relationship strategy part – Summarize existing / prospect clients financial information and client portfolio ( intern will bring MNC team’s attention through informing client’s current STL, MTL banking relationship and other banking products as well )
• Research and identify shareholding structure ( especially intermediary company and their roles) and shareholder’s information.
• Use research platform ( Infomax, bloomberg & internet) to research on various topics (ex. bond issuance history/ bong pricing) and Company research ( FnGuide, NICE KIS LINE, KIS Rating etc ) on prospect/ initiative names
• Draft Briefing memo
• Collect and analyze relevant client and sector information
• Assist to prepare client pitches and presentation
• Perform a variety of administrative tasks including translation, preparation of report and presentations as a department assistant
• Engage in Know Your Client process by liasing with internal & external stakeholders; ensuring, validating, and storing all required data

• Enrolled in a full time Bachelor’s program
• Analytical ability to capture key information and identify risks
• Strong organisational skills with excellent attention to detail
• Bring the positive energy and creative thinking
• Ability to multitask and manage a high number of priorities
• Decisive reasoning to determine the best course of action in research/analysis
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Korean
• Good knowledge of MS office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Note: Only people with disability are eligible for applying for this position.

Shipping Documents handling

–          Receipt of shipping document from clients/exporters

–          Scan of docs to GTFO (Trade Ops Back Office in India)

–          Dispatch the docs to LC issuing bank by DHL and record in the documents in/out register

Swift message handling

–          Collect auto-printed incoming swift messages from the dedicated printer

–          Identify the relevant transactional reference and circulate the message to the team if the message  belongs to Trade Service Operations transactions

LC Advising

–      Export LC advice and delivery to the beneficiary

–      Follow up the consent letter on the LC amendment/cancellation

–      Collection of advising fee/cancellation fee

–      In case of any compliance issue on the LC concerned parties, contact the beneficiary and provide the necessary information to the local Compliance to get their approval

–      For adding confirmation on the Export LC, getting approval through bank line approval system and collection/tracing of confirmation charges

–      Check the expired confirmed LC and release the remaining balance if any

–      Inform of bank charges movement to AMLT/GMO through ILMS reporting tool

–      Regular following up for the undelivered LC

–      BOK FX daily report for Advised LC

Contributing Responsibilities

·       Bring Direct contribution to BNPP operational permanent control framework

·       Minimize operational failure, including but not exclusively the risk of fraud by helping to devise and by implementing sufficient regular controls

·       Ensure appropriate escalation to management and/or permanent control (or compliance as appropriate) as soon as any issue is identified.

·       Comply with internal and external regulatory and compliance requirements

·       Comply with the BNPP standards of Code of Conduct

·       Comply with the BNPP IT Security policies

·       Anti‐Money Laundering / Financial Sanctions “AML/FS”) related duties: Operations are an integral part of the control framework including for AML/FS topics. In that respect, to ensure adherence to AML/FS‐related Group Policies and execution of associated operational controls, and to promptly escalate any resulting hit for analysis and decision.

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

·         Basic knowledge on the banking operations and international trade related rules and practices

·         Communication skills with clients, operations in Mumbai, internal and external counterparties

Direct Responsibilities

Global relationship management responsibility for a given client portfolio, as well as development of prospect clients for the Bank’s sustainable growth

–          Co-sharing of primary responsibility with business lines for deal originations

–          Coordinate and mobilize business line resources to achieve revenue goal through an efficient and effective utilization of Client Action Plans

–          Oversee global risks of clients under his/her responsibility, while helping a credit analyst to have an access to sufficient client and deal information in relation to the preparation of credit applications

–          Contribute inter‐branch and inter‐department communication in a timely and cooperative manner with an ultimate goal of business success

–          Commit himself/herself to the achievement of the goal of Corporate Coverage Korea as a team member

–          Support HCCs (Heads of Corporate Coverage) for senior level client discussions‐ Responsibilities over KYC and ongoing monitoring of customer activities:

The RM, who is responsible for the client relationship in the Primary Site/Secondary Site (as defined in the Global KYC Policy):

–          must initiate the KYC on boarding process and is responsible to collect the KYC data (with support of the appropriate teams in charge of due diligence);

  •          is primarily responsible for ensuring that customer due diligence has been completed to a satisfactory standard, and is kept up-to-date;
  •     makes an assessment whether starting a new relationship or maintaining an existing relationship with a customer is appropriate, in respect of the reputation and the money laundering/terrorist financing/sanctions risks, irrespective of the possible type of business the customer is currently doing or intends to do with the bank. This assessment must be formalized in writing in the KYC package (including a qualitative RM Assessment describing the risks and their mitigants , which is mandatory in all cases);

    –          uses the KYC scoring grid and his/her judgment to determine the sensitivity, assisted by the teams in charge of due diligence. He/she provides the teams in charge of due diligence with the knowledge/details they need when contacts with customers is required;

    –          submits the customer’s KYC file to the CAC (Customer Acceptance Committee), as may be required, and provides the CAC with all information and documentation it may require;

    –          contributes to assess the relevance and appropriateness of offering and/or maintaining certain products and services of the Bank in view of the risk profile of the customer;

    –          contributes to the detection of any unusual and/or suspicious transactions by his/her customer with due reporting to a Compliance Officer;

    –          and employs his/her best efforts to maintain a thorough knowledge of his/her customer from available documentary sources and regular direct contacts with them.

    –          finally, he/she must keep the KYC up-to date in accordance with the Bank’s standards. In particular, he/she must trigger an ad-hoc review as soon as necessary, notably in case of becoming aware of any material adverse information in connection with any of their customers in the field of AML-CTF, in accordance with the relevant KYC policies and procedures.

    Case of passporting process:

    –          When acting as Secondary Site RM of Legal Entities benefiting from the passport procedure, responsibility of the Secondary Site RM is to acknowledge and approve, on behalf of the Secondary Site, the KYC onboarding or recertification due diligence (performed and completed by the Primary Site) for Legal Entities being rated medium risk and low risk, and submit the customer’s KYC file to a CAC for a Legal Entity being rated high risk by the Primary Site .

    Contributing Responsibilities:

    –          As a pilot RM, need to cooperate with contributor RM for overseas project and companies.

–          Derivates license is required.

– Promote the firm’s brand, products, and services to new and existing clients.

* Meet Annual Budget Target

* Consulting with clients:

– Ascertain client funding and investing needs.
– Carry out client’s instructions to execute transactions with BNPP trading professionals and book client side in trade capture system.
– Work with operational support functions to facilitate/monitor the settlement process
– Provide analysis and modeling expertise, and support new product development.

– Provide clients with market data, prices, and other information; also agreed comment/analysis generated by the firm e.g., market, sector, or company research.

* As appropriate liaise with relevant internal risk function: Legal, Compliance, Market and Credit Risk Management.

* Attend relevant training courses to maintain appropriate regulatory, product and technical skills.
* Maintain open communication with team and direct line management to fulfill firm notification

  requirements and pass on client concerns.
* Comply with regulatory, contractual, and internal authorized framework.
* Watching out for potential fraud or market abuse via close management and by responding, effectively and comprehensively, to escalation signals coming from Middle-Office/Back-Office staff.

Contributing Responsibilities

‐ Direct contribution to BNPP operational permanent control framework.

‐ Contribute to the implementation of operational permanent control policies and procedures in day‐to‐day

business activities, such as Control Plan.

‐ Comply with regulatory requirements and internal guidelines.

‐ Contribute to the reporting of all incidents according to the Incident Management System.

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

– Solution driven with strong derivatives knowledge.

– Strong client relationship

– Timely and strategic when approaching key transactions.

Specific Qualifications

– Team player & multicultural awareness

– Risk awareness

– Drive for results, integrity, and ethics

– Client focused

Direct Responsibilities

–   Support the bankers in their day to day work

–   Work with bankers for ongoing credit requests (Annual Reviews, smaller ad hoc approvals)

–   Assisting in collection of legal, Compliance, and Know Your Customer(KYC) information, feed internal systems, and liaise with Due Diligence and Compliance teams for further distribution

–   Analyse financial, operating, and strategic information relating to our clients and the sectors in which they operate

Contributing Responsibilities

–   Contribute to the development of pitch-books, monitoring market & sector developments and assist on ad-hoc commercial projects

–   Provide regular updates on industry, client-specific developments and market events

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

–   A strong work ethic, open-minded and commitment to self-improvement

–   Able to work well under tight deadlines in a team environment

–   Demonstrate a passion for more data and being eager to receive feedback

Specific Qualifications (if required)

–   Strong MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills

–   Native / Excellent communication skills in English + Korean